Long-coat Chihuahua's  &  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Lilly   0ur First Cavalier King Charles.

PICT0004_2 Photo-0016

To the left is Lilly when she was  8 weeks old. From early on we realised that she was going to be a real little character. Lilly is totally fearless of most things, but then has fear over silly things i.e. flying soap suds.

She has given us hours of amusement by being silly. Lilly spends most of her time playing in the garden with her many toys. But her favourite activity of all is curling up on our laps on the sofa watching tv.

Sadly Lilly passed away on 30/06/08 from meningitus. She will remain in our hearts forever.

We have so many wonderful memories of the time that we had her in our lives. She was wonderful and was greatly loved by all our family and friends.

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