Long-coat Chihuahua's  &  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Cavisdale I got you babe at Chlojade

( Ivy )

Ivy is our first ruby whole colour a very loving & layed back girl


She has done us proud at many shows around the UK, Gaining her studbook number aged 2 1/2


Ivy is heart & eye tested and DNA clear of

Dry Eye/Curly Coat & Episodic Falling Syndrome


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Casimari Lakisha at Cavisdale

Jalesto I was born to love you

Rheinvelt raved about with Jalesto

Culverhill Saffron with Jalesto

Casimari Kerry Gold

Downsbank Benedictine

Casimari Angelica

Vanhirsch high spirits of Casimari

Downsbank Victoria

Clopsville Jack Daniels

Casimari Angelica

Rexeven Harvest Moon

Rheinvelt Rave On

Haranra Smokey Robinson