Long-coat Chihuahua's  &  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Daisy  the German shorthaired pointer.


Daisy was our first dog and is what inspired us to have more dogs, She was born 22/09/03 but sadly died on 26/06/06. Within her short life with us she became a very close family member.

Daisy was a very gentle dog with a wonderful personality. She was very well trained and was shown at several shows and went onto crufts in 2005. But was not placed as she wanted to eat the hotdogs on the stall which was very close to the ring. She enjoyed the experience at the shows and won at many of them.


Due to her loving character we decided to get Daisy a friend to play with. Daisy was most surprised when we came home with a cavalier king charles!!!!! She excepted her straight away and cared for her as if she was her pup.

They spent many hours playing and teasing each other with their toys, Daisy always gave in and let Lilly win !!!

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